TU-Eindhoven: Good Industrial Design Hallmark

Bicycles equipped with the ISP seat technology can justly be called the safest bikes in Europe! Thanks to the patented Intelligent Seating Position, an invention of Andries Gaastra, the bike has a multivariable seating angle. This allows any person with a height between 145 and about 200 cm to sit on this electric bike. The most remarkable thing is that the rider can always put both feet on the ground at the same time, something that greatly enhances the safety of cycling. Losing balance is definitely a thing of the past!

ISP: Number 1 in Safety

Safer cycling starts with a safe bike!

E-bike met ISP Automatische-Geometrie-Positionering

a hi-tech seat construction, emphasizing extra safety


met ISP             ↔             zonder ISP

Every rider of an ISP bicycle can quickly put both feet ON the GROUND with every occurring BALANCE PROBLEM.

Now you will QUICKLY find the RIGHT BALANCE again!

ISP offers welcoming benefits:

  • You are now lower to the ground but it is still a normal bike. There is no question of a children's bike here.
  • No panic: the negative gut feeling of so-called fear of falling is over.
  • You cycle much more relaxed now, especially in the city.
  • Dangerous mounting and dismounting procedures, a cause of 15% of all accidents, are eliminated.
  • As a result, you always stay comfortably in your saddle at every stop.
  • The more upright sitting position optimizes the view of other road users.
  • More sustainable: less resources are used, transport, storage, and packaging costs are reduced, and delivery times are shortened.


Smart, Lean, and Green!

More deaths in traffic due to e-bikes

The number of fatal road accidents involving e-bikes is increasing. New figures show the electric bike is now more "deadly" than the moped. The police are concerned and urgently advise e-bikers to wear helmets.

Algemeen Dagblad (AD)
Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

Peter Winterman 21-09-17, 03:00 Last update: 21-09-17, 07:17

Fall alarm for older cyclists

GRONINGEN - We know that older people fall faster than younger people. But for the first time this has now been scientifically confirmed. And the results don't lie, because the chance of falling off a bicycle for people over 65 increases by more than seven percent every year.

De Telegraaf
De Telegraaf

Nov. 16, 2018 in BINNENLAND

Rise in deaths among those over 70 in traffic

THE HAGUE - Organizations such as Veilig Verkeer Nederland and the ANBO are seriously concerned about the increase in the number of over-70s killed on bicycles. In twenty years time this has increased by 68% to 119 deaths last year.

De Telegraaf
De Telegraaf