Safer and more sustainable cycling with Intelligent Seating Position

As someone with many years of experience in the bicycle industry, I would like to draw your attention to some interesting concepts and designs that you can benefit from, especially in the current times. I strongly believe that I have solved the huge logistics problem in the bicycle world. I have also put an emphasis on SAFETY and SUSTAINABILITY - both top issues! An added bonus - these elements will increase the profitability of your company.

We are happy, therefore, to assist you in the design and production of better bikes, which meet today's requirements in terms of safety and durability. By offering you, as a licensee, our European patented structures and/or designs, we ask, as licensor, a modest license fee per bicycle.

- Andries Gaastra -

Andries Gaastra: former builder of Batavus, Koga-Miyata, Giant, and Shimano in Europe

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The Gaastra's cycling gene

Almost half a century ago, Andries Gaastra and Marion Kowallik were at the cradle of Koga.

Fries Journaal, nr 131 | March - April 2023



My personal experience from idea to the first prototypes. It was certainly not a simple process.


The entire history of ISP pictured with the many prototypes needed to conduct field tests.


How does the ISP technology work? The basis is the unique Variable Sitting Angle. This now makes it possible to bring the first 1 bike fits all bike to the market.


The rider of a bike with ISP sits lower to the ground and that prevents the panic feeling of the so-called fall alert. Always the right balance with ISP!


The number of models can be reduced by 75%, while sales will actually increase. Start producing more sustainably too - that's the future!

ISP Bikes

Models equipped with my ISP seating construction. Here you can see all that is possible with INTELLIGENT SEATING POSITION!

ISP Cargobike

ISP is also certainly ideal for Cargobikes - safer because there is always the right balance. Falling over with such a heavy bike, often loaded with children, is virtually impossible now.

iBike & iShop

A safe, sustainable, and convenient shopping method FROM the supermarket TO your fridge!

ISP: Number 1 in Safety